Curiosa Hotel Lounge


The “Vlamingstraat” is a medieval street filled with 16th century sights. It was this street , and not the 'Steenstraat', that was the busiest market place in Bruges until the end of the 16th century. All the most important wine merchants were founded here and their cellars were very popular.

The name ' Vlamingstraat' is not related tot 'vlamingen' (which means Flemish people) but a 'vlaming' was a swamp situated in a lower area. It was the neighbourhood where merchants throughout the world met each other to buy and sell their goods. The first good exchanges were born right here. Any nationality who had some importance in connection to these activities, owned a house in this area. “Restaurant Curiosa” is situated in the cellar of one of these houses. It was probably built around 1519. In those times, the sea reached Bruges. Consequently, Bruges was an important harbour. Goods came from big ships and were put into small boats that sailed on the canals of Bruges in order to deliver their goods in cellars like these.

About 20 years ago, “Taverne Curiosa” was born. It was a nice cosy tavern situated in a 16th century cellar. During the last few years, this tavern turned into a restaurant. It now serves a large choice of meat and fish dishes, all freshly prepared in their own kitchen. Curiosa also has an enormous choice of Belgian beers and international wines.

We hope you come to visit us some day during your stay in Bruges.